9/21: Westchester Heart Walk

Image: American Heart Association
Ryan and I are walking in the Westchester Heart Walk on 10/2/16... Learn more...

9/18: Quick Update

Mila Rose will be 7 weeks on Wednesday! OMG! Smiling and cooing are in full effect- and we are loving every single moment of it!

9/1: Update

Mila woke up on Monday morning with a yucky eye that prompted our first "sick doctor appointment" (and a Mommy freak out moment). Turns out she has a clogged tear duct... and that meant we NEEDED to buy her first sunglasses... to keep her eyes protected of course! :)
Hey everyone- quick update...

8/19: Everything They Say Is True

We are, officially, parents... and everything they say is true!

8/6: Quick Update

If you want to see an image of strength... that's it!

8/1: Here We Go and Here She Is!

We're so glad we got actually got decent sleep the night before we left for the hospital because sleep was hard to come by after that...