6/24: Last Fetal Echocardiogram


So today, Friday 6/24/16 at 34 weeks 5 days, was our last fetal echocardiogram with our pediatric cardiologist before our Mila Rose makes her grand entrance into this world. We've had a total of 4.

Today confirmed what we already knew (to find the latest technical mambo-jumbo... go the Quick Facts page):
  • DORV Taussig-Bing
  • VSD - is large, which is a good thing, and the exact placement of it has yet to be determined
  • Pulmonary Stenosis - has remained constant
  • We won't know more or exacts until she's born and the echocardiogram is performed directly on her and, ultimately, until they get in there
Other notes:
  • It's highly likely she has a 2nd VSD in her upper chambers. It's likely small, not a big concern and will be fixed during surgery.
  • While they of course want me to go full term, we are now in the safety zone. Not to say going early still wouldn't complicate things but every hour, day, week from here on out is a bonus. (So excuse me while I put my feet up and try to keep stress at a minimum :)
We discussed different surgery scenarios and some other details of the surgery that we will spare you from. Ryan and I make a pretty good team when it comes to asking questions that's for sure! We have more confidence than ever in our team... in fact, in flipping over my magazine yesterday, this was the back cover....

"Repairing the aortic arch of an infant barely two weeks old. This is when the life-giving expertise of a highly specialized heart and vascular team truly reveals itself. At WMCHealth's Heart & Vascular Institute, we have the only pediatric cardiac surgery program in our region. And as one of the most advanced cardiovascular programs in the nation, we're healing hearts and saving lives." www.westchestermedicalcenter.com/heart

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