Pictures & More

We've been told that Mila:
  • Appears to have a full head of hair! We are dying to know what color- we both have visions of a brunette but both had blonde hair as babies... and we aren't ruling out a ginger!
  • Has nice full cheeks and lips
  • Has Mom's nose :) but apparently this is up for debate
  • Totally has Dad's ears... no question!
Wednesday 7/27 was the last scheduled ultrasound. We haven't seen her face since 34 weeks so I find it ironic she decided to flash us her "smile". We even got to see her eyelashes! Her forehead and cheeks are so squished... she has no more room so hoping she decides to make her appearance soon!   
38 weeks

39 weeks- One of my favorite pictures of Herbert and the bump. He hasn't left my side in 9 months and has been attached to me even more so the past week. He knows.

30 Days until Due Date 7/1/16

34 weeks!!
My rocks
A very special night out for the 2 of us (at 32 weeks)... thanks to the individual who made this possible, who know who you are

Roses and heart charms from the baby shower...
I was so happy to have an amazingly talented high school friend make these PERFECT and YUMMY cookies for my shower. If you're in the CT area and have any bakery needs... please look up Carried Away Cakery... she's amazing!
Mila's first Mets game... with special guest and honorary Aunt Eden