6/27: Nursery

One of the first things Ryan and I started on when we found out we were expecting was transforming the guest room into a nursery. When her gender was confirmed- we were pretty much full steam ahead.

We sit and talk in this room often because we think it's just so "happy". And that's EXACTLY what we want to bring Mila home to: a happy place. The dogs love it too- they often whine at the door and love laying on the rug. I don't know if we're supposed to be keeping them out of this room or not but right now we find it endearing and believe they know who's room it is. 

The dresser was mine as a kid and I couldn't be more excited to see it in here (thanks to my parents for hoarding my stuff all these years!). I assure you that dresser is fully loaded with clothes!

We have a few more things to do but can't wait to show this room to Mila.

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