About Us

We are simple math: Ryan + Kailey = Mila

Quick Background: 
On March 17th, 2016 during our 20 week anatomy scan, we were told it appeared that our baby girl had a heart defect. To say this shook us to the core would be a wild understatement. The presence of a rare congenital heart defect was confirmed the very next day and many tests and doctors appointments followed. While the diagnosis updates as she grows, we've known the range of defects and solutions we'd be dealing with from the start.

While we can only hope that there's a magical simple solution, we also know her journey goes beyond her diagnosis once she's born. We choose to stay focused on phase 1 at this point which is getting her close to full term as possible, confirming her diagnosis and understanding our immediate next steps.

Why This Blog:
We share this blog to keep friends and family updated. If someone else in our same/similar situation comes across this blog and it helps in any way, that would make us happy too. While we would love to speak with everyone, in all honestly, the conversations can be exhausting as we attempt to stay positive and keep our focus on this little life that needs us. We appreciate everyone's initial excitement for us having a baby and, of course, as that evolved into concern. We also understand you want updates and this is best way for us to communicate effectively while maintaining space and our focus on our new family.

We know this will be stressful at (many) times, we thank all our friends and family (co-workers, partners, doctors... the list goes on) for the support and space.

Just as a side (disclaimer) note: this blog is our personal experience with this particular issue/defect. Everyone is different and therefore has a different experience. Nothing explained or noted here can be or should be applied to anyone else... and as always, consult your doctor.