7/4: She's how big?

 One of our favorite things to do since we started this journey was checking our apps (yes, Ryan has his own pregnancy tracking app :) to see how big the baby is. In the beginning it gave us something semi-tangible. An orange seed, a blueberry, a plum. Now it's just... well... entertainment.

With all the chaos, it's been the one constant we have relied on weekly for a good laugh. It will be my mission one day to consult for one of these informational pregnancy websites so I can help put some logic and sense around these weekly size comparables that won't drive a pregnant lady crazy.

For now, we're at 36 weeks (OMG@#$%^&*!?), and according to my WhatToExpect app... she's the size of a large cantaloupe... not to be confused with a small cantaloupe? And Ryan's app, BabyCenter, compares her to the size of a head of romaine lettuce. So, if either of those makes sense to you great. For now, I just know I'm feeling very pregnant no matter what size she is!

We've turned the corner into July... countdown to 7/31 here we go. Happy July 4th.

Image credit: littlethings.com

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