9/18: Quick Update

Mila Rose will be 7 weeks on Wednesday! OMG! Smiling and cooing are in full effect- and we are loving every single moment of it!

Mila saw the cardiologist and the pediatrician this past week. She's weighing in at 10.78 lb - continuing to gain exactly what they want her too.

At the pediatrician they did a thorough check. They even had me feed her so they could check her breathing post-feeding (making sure it wasn't too labored after a feeding).

At the cardiologist they did another echocardiogram and a chest x-ray as a kind of "last look" and prep for her surgery. Here's what we know:

  • the echo revealed another vein that runs from the head/neck/shoulders to the heart that needs to be rerouted during surgery. Not a big deal but they are happy they saw it this time so there are no surprises and it didn't go missed. 
  • her oxygen levels are continuing to drop (as expected). They were slightly lower this visit than 2 weeks ago (and the visit before that) so the trend is there. 
  • there continues to be narrowing at the pulmonary artery (that will be fixed during surgery). While the narrowing is good as it limits blood to the lungs, we don't want too much.
  • her updated tests will be presented to the larger cardiatric and surgical teams on Tuesday where (hopefully) the consensus is to schedule the surgery.
  • we hope to have a surgery date by the end of the week (likely for the last week of Sept or first week in Oct). 
  • recovery will likely be a week in the PICU (depending on the surgery and her reaction to it of course)
  • we will meet with the surgeon again before the surgery to learn more about it and the recovery once she's home
Mila has discovered herself in the mirror- and she loves it! Thanks Mark Y for the awesome play garden- she LOVES it!! 
We are starting to use the front carrier around the house- she needs a little more neck strength for this carrier but she loves being in it and looking around
Yes- I use Snapchat filters on my baby and I'm not ashamed of it! 
Ryan bought these pjs for Mila when she was still in the womb!

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