9/1: Update

Mila woke up on Monday morning with a yucky eye that prompted our first "sick doctor appointment" (and a Mommy freak out moment). Turns out she has a clogged tear duct... and that meant we NEEDED to buy her first sunglasses... to keep her eyes protected of course! :)
Hey everyone- quick update...

  • Mila is now ~9.5 lbs! Gaining about an ounce a day which is exactly what they wanted to see. She has no issues feeding... other than those nightly cluster feedings where she wants to eat every hour for 4 hour stretches! Yikes- that hasn't been fun!
  • We met with the cardiologist yesterday and surgery will be scheduled for the end of September/early October. Her oxygen level is slowly dropping- as it should, that's expected- but there's no need to let it go too far. Ideally, for strength and growth, they want to see her hit the 2 month mark for the surgery.
  • We will go for another appointment in 2 weeks to get updated pictures and we'll get a surgery date following that. 

I'm relieved there is finally "an end" in sight. This lingering surgery weighs on us every day. And, catch 22, now that we have a timeframe I'm terrified. She's in amazing hands with her medical team (and us!) and I'm placing my bets there.

While those cluster feedings have revealed under-eye bags Ryan and I never knew we had, we've managed to have some pretty special times with Mila as well. She's our "Mila Bean".

Thanks again for all the positive energy sent our way.

First family stroll (with the dogs) at Half Moon Bay- 9/11 Memorial

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