9/21: Westchester Heart Walk

Image: American Heart Association
Ryan and I are walking in the Westchester Heart Walk on 10/2/16... Learn more...

During my last visit at cardiologist with Mila, our favorite nurse gave me information on the Westchester Heart Walk. It was kind of a no brainer... of course we would participate. We know now that supporting research and education for heart disease (and anything heart related) is important. Without it, our Mila may not have the opportunity and options (and hopefully solution) she has today and who knows what she (or anyone) may need in the future.

So needless to say, we will support the American Heart Association in any small way we can.

On Sunday 10/2, Ryan, Mila, Winston (definitely not Herbert- he's not great in public) and I will do something as simple as walking and support something as precious as her (ours, yours) heart. It seems timely too as within a couple weeks of this walk, Mila will undergo her open-heart surgery.

I have never done this but if you're interested in supporting us, you can find our page below... if not, no worries! Just send happy thoughts our way for Mila Rose and we'll call it even! :)


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