8/1: Here We Go and Here She Is!

We're so glad we got actually got decent sleep the night before we left for the hospital because sleep was hard to come by after that...

I was shocked how calm we were the morning we left for my induction. It was cute seeing my parents realize that their baby was having a baby. Like just then did it actually click. We cracked some jokes, ate breakfast, took some pics and off we went. It almost seemed easy... we just show up for the appointment time and we have a baby within a few hours, right?

My labor was hard... 33 hours hard. There was a lot of drama:

  • the discovery that after 18 weeks in the perfect position, Mila decided to flip "sunny side up" so I was in back labor (if you never heard of this... I dare you to look it up...)
  • the induction meds not working as fast as the doctors hoped
  • the epidural not working and going on cocktails of pain meds and serious highs and lows of pain
  • spiking a fever to almost 103 during pushing (forcing us into a "get her out now" assisted vac situation)
There are many more details I'll spare you from... 

I keep thinking of those 33 hours... like I can't actually believe I had the strength and willpower to last that long. What? ME?! I could NOT have done it without Ryan. He was there EVERY SINGLE SECOND and I practically froze him out of the room keeping the AC on full blast. From helping the nurses, to comforting me, cheering me on, crying with me... there was no better display of partnership in the whole world during that time in my complete and total bias opinion. A shout out to the amazing labor and delivery team too.... I could write a whole post on some of those amazing people. 

While I'll never forget all those hours and ALL the crazy things that were thrown my way... in the end we have the most amazingly perfect, beautiful, little girl we could ever have imagined. 

Welcome to the world Mila Rose Konow!
Born 8/3/16
After 33 hours... but you already knew that! :) 

And now the journey begins... 

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