7/29: Keep Calm

I've never felt more like something was beginning without something really ending...

Maybe I'll feel an end to something at some point (everyone says our days of doing just about everything are numbered so we'll see!) but right now, I just don't.

I'll keep this short...

At the 14th and final scheduled ultrasound, Mila finally showed her face again. I feel lucky we got to see her so much the past 20 weeks... now we'd just really like to SEE HER (and so we can end our debates on who she looks like more!)!

My doctor this week took me by the shoulders, looked me in my eyes and told me I needed to walk out of that office proud, that I did everything they asked me to do. Met with every doctor & department, passed every test, stayed healthy and, most importantly, brought her full term (which I could not have done any of that without Ryan). She mentioned our names were at the top of the email list for priority patients this week and our team is standing by. I cried. She hugged me. I'm so thankful for doctors like her. I really needed that.

Simply stated...
We enter this weekend as 2... and next week, we will be 3. My heart is full.

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