8/19: Everything They Say Is True

We are, officially, parents... and everything they say is true!

LOL. Oh man... this isn't easy and it's sooo worth it.
A few things we have learned so far:

  • Dr. Brown's bottles are a must. We started out with a different brand but when you go through just 1 night with a gassy baby you pretty much take the advice from every Google search and buy Dr. Brown's
  • Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water is just as amazing- for the same reason listed above
  • You go through a lot of diapers... Like A LOT. 
  • You want to scream when UPS knocks on your door when you just got the baby to fall asleep
  • Dogs have feelings too... Herbert and Winston have been great but this has been an adjustment for them too. They received lots of extra puppy treats the past couple weeks.
  • We live in 3-4 hour increments
  • Video baby monitors are either the best invention ever or the worst... We have no issue staring at that screen for hours to make sure she's ok
  • Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? You mean those few minutes we cram food into our mouths?
  • Poop has never been more prevalent in our lives - we even say things like "come look at this!"
  • Mila is so sweet and forgiving... even when we make up every word to every nursery rhyme (we clearly need a brush up!)
The Quick Facts page was updated today. Mila is doing well... and so are we (we think!) :) 

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