7/10: 37 Weeks and Getting it Done

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Today marks 37 weeks. 37 weeks! Otherwise known as the size of a winter melon. A winter melon?!

Where do they get this stuff?! What is a winter melon any way? Let's face it... she's a 6-7 lb bowling ball... how's that for perspective?

This past week we checked off some of the remaining items on our list (also known as amazing distractions from the pure excitement, anxiety and fear within):

  • set up cradle
  • assemble diaper genie
  • set up video monitor
  • put together bassinet
  • put up baby gate at top of stairs
  • trial run at the pack 'n play
  • organize any drawer I can possibly open... in any room... for any reason
  • go through hospital bag... a million times
We realized: we need a lot more batteries and there's a lot more "assembly required" in our future. 

We also completed 5 weeks of baby classes. They were... umm... interesting? From the hee-hee-hee-hoo's to lessons like a baby must sleep alone in a crib on their back... I'm sure we'll take a few things from it and we'll do the same as everyone else and we'll figure the rest out. If nothing else, the classes were some fun bonding time for Ryan and I.

Next ultrasound on Wednesday and I already can't wait to see her again (even though I saw her just 4 days ago :) ... we know she's making moves in the right direction and that lovely foot in my rib is a good reminder she's there. 

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