7/17: A Moment of Getting Real

Ups, downs, lefts, rights... it's all very real.

Here's me having an honest moment. This week was a bit of a test on the emotions. I fluctuate from being completely freaked out about delivering this kid (I use that term with total affection as she continues to kick me) and excitement of Googling every new feeling (is this it?!?!) -- to Googling "How to be a NICU mom" and remembering that getting her out is only our first challenge. This brochure (If Your Child has a Congenital Heart Defect) arrived in the mail from the American Heart Association that reminded me we have a very real and very emotional time in front of us. The good news is she continues to stay in the perfect position and is making progress... and I hurt... all over. :(
One thing that is weighing on me heavily is the question of visitors. Here's what I will say... it's not personal toward you... it is, however, very personal for us. I will not have visitors for my stay at the hospital. Mila will not have visitors until we understand what is going on and even after that I don't know how we will feel and reserve the right to protect that. Luckily, I think everyone around us understands that we need our space, our time with her and with each other. If you'd like more perspective then I offer the articles below. 

At 38 weeks she's size of... Swiss chard?! Or a leek... or even rhubarb. I can't even.
Image credit: specialtyproduce.com
This past Saturday, Ryan and I enjoyed a wonderful date night dinner out, followed by (to my surprise) some shopping. Ryan bought Mila the cutest jelly flip flops (for next summer!), headbands, heart socks and a sleepy-time book - practically melted my heart right there. Sunday, we walked Half Moon Bay along the water which we wish we had found like 4 years ago and now look forward to pushing Mila in her stroller there. We are sure she's going to love it.

Date night- 38 weeks!

http://handtohold.org/resources/helpful-articles/is-this-normal/ How the NICU Impacts Your Emotional Health

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